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Take Control of your Livestock Feed Production

Barley sprouts grown in our SproutPOD is a super feed that you produce yourself for less than feeding hay and grain. A POD is a transportable insulated HYDROPONIC growing chamber that has an irrigation system, an electronically controlled temperature and humidity and lights to enhance growing. Day 1 Barley seed is put in a tray and placed in a POD and on Day 6 a fresh, living sprout mat is ready for feeding to your livestock. Farmers and ranchers are taking a significant financial hit because of high feed prices for their livestock. With our SproutPOD, these feed costs can be reduced by 45% or more.

Break free from the Natural Drought Cycles

Drought is a part of the normal production cycle. Dealing with these dry periods, decreased feed supplies, and increased feed prices needs to be part of your overall livestock management plan. Livestock have been sold, or relocated in record numbers; however, there are alternatives. Contact us today and let us demonstrate how we can empower you to provide a reliable source of nutritional feed for your animals regardless of what mother nature may throw at you.


Day 1

Barley sprout Alternative feed day 1
Day 2
Barley sprout Alternative Drought feed day 2
Day 3
Day 3 of alternative fodder sprouting solution
Day 4
Day 4 of sprouting your own livestock feed
Day 5
Day 5 of the Sprout POD growth
Day 6
Day 6 and ready to feed your animals

About Barley Sprouts:

Barley is used because it is the most nutritional cereal grain, and is a cost-effective feed and a very stable crop. The Sprouts are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and other vital nutrients; and are harvested and fed fresh every day in a soil free highly digestible sprout mat.

Because the sprouts are fed as a living plant, they still contain the exceptionally vital enzymes that are killed in hay making process or any other process for dry grain storage or feeding.

These enzymes prevent the sugars from becoming toxic to any animal that eats them, and thus the sugars are used as healthy energy. The sprouts’ enzymes also act to help other feeds become more digestible thereby releasing more nutrients.

Sprout Tray in POD ready for harvest in 6 days

Soak for 24 hr
Grain is soaked for 24 hours to prepare for sprouting
Spread in tray
Spread Barley seeds in POD trays
Place in POD
Place barley sprout trays in POD
Repeat Daily and on day 6
Day 6 and sprouts are ready to feed to livestock

You always have a more nutritient rich feed for your livestock at a fraction of the cost of hay or grain.

Feeding Process:

Using the SproutPOD system, you will enjoy more time with your animals and less time moving and storing hay.

This system gives you 15,000 lbs. of feed from each and every pallet of seed! This is over 665 horse feedings at a cost of $1.67 per ration. The total time spent on the SproutPOD system is over 55% less than feeding with conventional processes.

This alone will show a very nice ROI and your herd will be very happy to have fresh food, never old, never stale.

Your animals’ water consumption will also be reduced as they will not be eating dried food that requires vast hydrating to consume, let’s leave that stuff for the astronauts…

Great alternative feed for all herbivores and Omnivores

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